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Come and see us live!

    Fake Plastic Chairs - wedding band

    We know how it feels. The proposal was amazing, you or your partner gladly accepted and you’re starting to plan your wedding. One of the first thoughts is “We have to have a band” and you’ve found yourself here. The demos sound good, photos are cool too, but there are still some questions. What do they look like live? Can they sing? Can they play those sounds and put a smile on people’s face? Luckily for you, we have some live dates around around Bristol and the South West.

    If you’re interested in booking us for your wedding, but would like to see what we do before you do, then come and see us at the following dates!

    13th October – Birkett Tap – Bristol

    27th October – The Summerhouse – Weston-Super-Mare

    Hopefully we’ll show you what we can do and if we do, please come up and have a chat with us about it.