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Clare and Dave got in touch with us a few months before the wedding was due to happen and – as there were no live gigs for them to see – they came to Firebird Studios to hear us perform. Having enjoyed our mini set that evening, they booked us in and told me where it was going to be held. I may have done a little fist pump in the air when I found out and when the day came it was as amazing as I’d expected. We’ve played some fun gigs in our time, but I have to say that playing at the Trinity Centre in Bristol is right up there for joyful events we’ve been able to do.

A lot of gigs that we do mean we have to bring our own sound system and set it up, which can be tricky and time consuming. Walking into this venue and having everything ready to go was a wonderous relief and meant we could really concentrate on the job of entertaining the crowd and making sure everyone has a good time. Which they did with gusto!

Limbs were flung, boogies were oogied and we had a great time on a big rock stage in the middle of Bristol.